Mind-Body Therapies 

Have you ever met someone who looks and feels lousy despite “doing everything right.” They eat the “right foods,” take the “right herbs and supplements”, do the “right physical exercises,” and spend a small fortune on the “right treatments” including regular chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, massage, talk therapies, and Reiki sessions. The appropriate diet and physical lifestyle, supplemented with herbs and nutrients are vital for our physical, mental, and emotional health. Yet they work best as part of a larger program that address the “root cause” of your health complaints.

When it comes to chronic and degenerative health complains there is almost always a deep-seated emotional or spiritual “challenge”. It’s the “spark” that ignites the flames, which can be managed, but never fully extinguished even by the most experienced and equipped fire fighting crews. Western talk and desensitization therapies have their role but for deep-seated pain a special practitioner is often required. This is someone who can take you to a safe, relaxed, and unconscious place, that can be described but never fully explained by modern science. It’s a place where those hidden flames can be uncovered, and with the appropriate efforts on part of the participant and healer, transformed into something therapeutic on your lifelong health journey.

Different people respond better to different practitioners and interventions. For example what works for a lifelong “Skeptic,” may be different than someone who identifies with an “Orthodox” Western Religion, or “New Age” practices. Yet with an “open-mind,” “sincerity,” and willingness to do the “inner work,” transformation can happen. Just as herbs can work together synergistically, so does the combination of “deep-seated” healing in conjunction with more traditional approaches including nutrition, lifestyle interventions, herbs, supplements, and traditional therapies and adjustments. Although you can go far in your “health journey” with one approach or the other I find that getting to your “destination” often requires both in the appropriate combination.

I see my role as an integrative clinician to guide you to whatever “pathways” you may require in your lifelong “health journey,” and at a pace that feels appropriate for you. If nutritional support or herbal interventions are all that you require from me at this time I honor your request. At the same time I am also available if you are looking for guidance from practitioners who can synergistically support my available services.

Some practices that I have found helpful include:

Nutritional and Herbal Therapies guided by Conventional and Functional Labwork

Yoga, Qi Gong, and other exercises that address different aspects to our physical health

Hiking, gardening, and “quiet” time spent in nature

Chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, massage, craniosacral therapy and other energetic therapies to release physical and energetic blockages

Meditation and daily “Mindfulness” practices.

ThetaHealing® and other modalities that take you to a deeper unconscious place where limiting beliefs, thought patterns, and traumas can be overcome and personal transformation can occur.