Biochemical Individuality

At some point in our lives many of us have hoped that we may have found the “one size fits all” solution to solve all of our health challenges. It is as simple as making adopting this particular diet, lifestyle, or belief. Yet inevitably things never seem to work out as originally intended, and there is often a sense of embarrassment and frustration when you find this “one size fits all” way of living doesn’t seem to work the way that way you had hoped for yourself. 

You stuck to the plan, diet and exercise, as instructed but you only saw small changes, no changes or felt worse than before you started.  While you watched others follow the exact same dietary and exercise protocol and they had great results. You start to beat yourself thinking what did I do wrong –Did I not follow it exactly?  Maybe I should have not eaten that? Maybe I cheated to often? Maybe I should have exercised more?  

 The “real” the reason why it did not work has nothing to do how well you followed the health protocol you choose but more about whether the protocol was right for your body and the beliefs you hold about your health and well being.  You are unique with unique needs and unique beliefs about your health.  This means there is no one-size fits all system for everyone. 

Traditional medical systems from around the world have long known that the same dietary, herbal, and lifestyle prescriptions worked best when suited for the unique needs of the individual. A similar and exciting trend seems to be taking hold in Western medicine now as modern science seems to confirm that there is clearly no diet, medicine, or lifestyle practice that works the same for all of us and that sometimes what works well at one phase our life is not adapted towards the next. 

In your Path to Wellness sessions, I will focus on figuring out what wellness protocol works best for you based on your own unique needs.  During your session, we will talk about what your health concerns are, your goals, what is working and what is not and your current labs (if you have any) from this I will derive a plan that works for you and fits into your current lifestyle with ease.  This does mean that there would not be changes to current lifestyle but that the changes would be done in easy to apply steps so that you do not get overwhelmed by the idea of doing it all at once.

At Path to Wellness by Jay Wolkoff, the focus is always on you and what works for you. 

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