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A Path to Wellness

By Jay Wolkoff


Jay Wolkoff, MS, CNS, CD-N

Jay is passionate about providing individualized and comprehensive dietary and lifestyle support to his clients. His unique approach towards health effortlessly weaves together his background in evidence-based nutrition and the emerging sciences, clinical herbalism, appreciation for mind-body medicine, passion for organic gardening, and love of the outdoors.


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"



Getting Started

Your Path to Wellness journey starts with an initial consultation where Jay reviews all the relevant aspects of your health & dietary history including your use of herbs, supplements, and medication along with past lab work.

The Path to Wellness Initial Consultation includes to 2 sessions. The 1st session is 1 1/2 hours where you and Jay will discuss your current health status, your health goals and review any labs you have. You will leave with a Path to Wellness plan that may include diet, supplements or additional labs to have done. Before your initial consultation is complete, Jay will schedule your 2nd visit which is follow-up session to see how the initial Path to Wellness plan is working for you.

During the 2nd part of your Path to Wellness, you and Jay will discuss how you are doing with the plan he gave you during your 1st session. The goal is to make sure the initial plan is working for you and if it is not, how can it be tweaked so that it does.

After you complete a Path to Wellness Initial Consultation, Jay will discuss the options to continue to work with Jay on your Path to Wellness journey.

Have questions before getting started with an initial consultation? Jay offers a 10-minute pre-consultation to answer any questions you may have before moving forward with scheduling an initial consultation.


Jay is currently “in-network” with Connecticut carriers including Anthem BC/BS, Cigna, and Connecticare. He can provide a “superbill” for all “out-of-network” plans for possible reimbursement. Please note that insurance reimbursable sessions will be spent primarily on topics pertaining to nutrition and related lifestyle change. In-depth discussions on herbs, supplements, and other topics may incur a separate fee.