Functional Labs 

Clinical nutritionists and herbalists are not authorized to diagnose and treat disease. Rather our focus is on treating the person and allowing them to achieve their fullest health potential though food, exercise, supplemental nutrients, botanicals, and other positive lifestyle changes. When we utilize lab work, which may include blood, urine, hair, stool, and DNA testing we are trying to gauge how well your body is functioning overall versus a cut off point upon which we can say that you have recognized health challenge. If we notice patterns that may indicate an actual disease state we will inform you so that you can discuss this with the appropriate healthcare provider.

Testing utilized on your “Pathway to Wellness” may include the following: 

Traditional blood work ordered by your physician and billed through insurance or sometimes more affordable cash-based direct labs. Panels as simple as the routinely ordered Complete Blood Count (CBC) can often provide clues towards your health and nutrient status when observed through more sophisticated means. 

Functional blood and urine work through companies such as Genova Diagnostics and Great Plains Laboratories can provide valuable clues regarding your overall nutritional (ex: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids), metabolic, neurological, and digestive status along with exposures to potential toxins. 

Stool testing from companies such as Genova Diagnostics, Diagnostic Solution LaboratoriesUBiome are helpful in determining the health of your microbiome & intestinal barriers, screening for hidden inflammation, and locating bacteria & fungal overgrowth, pathogens, and other conditions that might require a medical referral and supervision.  

Food Inflammation testing from companies such as KBMO can be helpful in locating hidden sources of irritation for your digestive tract and body as a whole. Removing problematic food gives us a chance to better support your digestive tract and hopefully reintroduce these foods at a later date when they may cease to be a trigger. 

Hairs testing by companies are helpful in assessing your nutritional status and how unwanted environmental exposures may be impacting your functional health. 

Working with other professionals involved in your overall health plan, Jay will guide the team to find the right labs to run, assist in proper interpretation and customize nutritional and supplement support to fit your personal needs